Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jesus Christ Did Exist – The Bodies of the Disciples/Apostles are Buried Around the World Including In India

For those that claim that Jesus Christ didn’t exist, they never seem to have an answer for the bodies and art work showing the “Semite” and “European” looking apostles and other followers that are buried around the world and have churches built over the tombs.  Some even think that Jesus was buried in Kashmir after he settled there after the crucifixion and died in his eighties.  The question of his bloodline is what needs to be looked at.  I believe Jesus Christ was pharaonic and related to the Osirian Pharaohs. The symbolism and the hidden story of Dionysus-Osiris is encoded in the Catholic religion as well as the Bible and this may be why there are remnants similar to that of the tale of Dionysus-Osiris in the story of Jesus Christ.

Too bad, they can’t get DNA samples because it would prove a lot of things, but you notice there are never any comprehensive documentaries about all of these ancient disciples and followers being buried all over India, Europe, and the Middle East.  They won’t even talk about the graves all over the world of the Biblical characters.  Here are some very interesting videos that I found on youtube.  Please look closely at the bodies and/or representation of the bodies:

You can look at this link to find the tombs of the apostles listed.
Here is a list of burial places of Biblical people:
Finally, here is a video regarding Jesus being buried in Kashmir:

Even if he was buried in Kashmir or found to be pharaonic, it would still add up and make sense to me as to who he was and what he was fighting against (Satan-Prometheus and the followers of Satan/bloodline of Satan).