Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Father of Electrical Engineering – Charles Proteus Steinmetz – Loki – Another Reference to Prometheus


Charles Steinmetz was the father of Electrical Engineering.  The book written about him is called Loki The Life of Charles Proteus Steinmetz:


This is another reference to Prometheus (giving knowledge to man that is forbidden just like Satan).

Steinmetz is known for his contribution in three major fields of alternating current (AC)systems theory: hysteresissteady-state analysis, and transients.

Marconi Wireless Station in Somerset, New Jersey in 1921. Steinmetz is at centre; he died two years later.
And of course he was Jewish (another surprise? or just controlled history) and had a birth defect:

Steinmetz was born on April 9, 1865 as Karl August Rudolph Steinmetz into a Jewish family in BreslauProvince of Silesia.[3] Steinmetz suffered from dwarfism,hunchback, and hip dysplasia, as so did his father and grandfather. Steinmetz attended Johannes Gymnasium and astonished his teachers with his proficiency in mathematicsand physics.