Sunday, November 22, 2015

Gaddafi’s Cousin has a Hamsa with Goat’s Head – Bad Sign

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.44.16 PM

A news article shows what alleges to be Gaddafi’s cousin predicting a new 911 in Europe.  I immediately noticed the Hamsa in the background with a goat’s head (appears to be a goat) in it and this is not a correct version of the ancient symbol.
The Hamsa is very ancient and is used to protect against the evil eye.  It goes back to the goddess Ashtoreth (also known as Tanit) and possibly to Ishtar-Aphrodite.  The symbol usually has an eye in it (could represent the vulva of Ashtoreth just like the vesica piscis) or a Mudra (symbol).  I’ve never seen it with a goat and the goat is the symbol of Satan who is Prometheus-Lucifer.
Once again, the Freemasonic press is manipulating the sacred symbols, in my opinon.  Here is what the Hamsa should look like:



I am aware that Ashtoreth is part of the Qlippoth.  It is possible that out of the many daughters she had with Cronus, one or more may have bred with Prometheus (who is said to have had at least 4 wives in Nordic mythology).  Her Queendom was set up in Byblos by Cronus.