Phoenicians/Europeans in Ancient America

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Petroglyph of atlatl at Valley of Fire in Nevada
The atlatl is an ancient hunting device used to throw a spear faster and harder.  They were found all over Nevada and specifically inside the Lovelock Cave where it is said over 2600 red-haired people were exterminated off by the Pauite.  The most interesting thing is that the atlatl originated out of Europe and is also associated with the Solutrean culture.  Per Wikipedia:
spear-thrower or atlatl (/???t.l??t?l/[1] /?æt.læt?l/Nahuatlahtlatl Nahuatl pronunciation: [?a?t??at??]) is a tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity indart-throwing, and includes a bearing surface which allows the user to store energyduring the throw.

The earliest secure data concerning atlatls has come from several caves in France dating to the Upper Paleolithic, about 21,000 to 17,000 years ago. The earliest known example is a 17,500 year-old Solutrean atlatl made of reindeer antler and found at Combe Saunière (Dordogne), France.[9]

So what was the atlatl doing in the Americas thousands of years ago?  My theory is that ancient Europeans travelled over either by the Bering Strait (following the mammoth) and/or by boat from the coasts of Europe via the Atlantic Ocean (they followed the land and the water levels were lower).
If genetic tests are ever allowed on Spirit Cave man and other Clovis mummies, it will have to be very detailed.  Stating something has DNA consistent with “Native Americans” is not explicit enough and a cop out.
The ancient Americas were populated by multi migrations and possibly by Europeans first.  To continue to deny the growing amount of evidence is obviously politically motivated.  Just by bringing up the subject or questioning the inconsistencies with the “official story of an Asian Utopia” I have already heard the “white supremacist” label brought up.  Keep in mind, I’ve also pointed out evidence that Blacks (Negritos) may have made it to South America first.  This is a touchy subject with much to lose by those who claim “victimhood” and require 3 billion in federal funding, yearly while being allowed to run casinos and have their own “laws” on their own “land” while the rest of us slave away at our jobs to pay the bills and hope to have healthcare.

Cherokee Claim to be Jews

There is a Cherokee tribe claiming to be Jewish.  They were DNA tested and found to be ancient European.  Here is a video and some articles about this Cherokee tribe.

Cherokee Testimony – Moon-Eyed People

Plaque at Fort Mountain State Park[1] – Wikipedia – cc – uploaded by bot

Once again, here is another white skinned people who were expelled or exterminated by “Native Americans” in ancient times. This one was called the moon-eyed people and they were said to have light skin and poor vision in the day.  Per Wikipedia:

The moon-eyed people are a race of people from Cherokee tradition who are said to have lived in Appalachiauntil the Cherokee expelled them. They are mentioned in a 1797 book by Benjamin Smith Barton, who explains they are called “moon-eyed” because they saw poorly during the day. Later variants add additional details, claiming the people had white skin, that they created the area’s pre-Columbian ruins, and that they went west after their defeat.

In his 1902 Myths of the Cherokee, ethnographer James Mooney described a “dim but persistent tradition” of an ancient race who preceded the Cherokee in lower Appalachiaand were driven out by them. Accounts often describe this race as having white skin and credit them with building the ancient structures in the area. The earliest recorded mention of this race appears to be in Benjamin Smith Barton‘s 1797 book New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and Nations of America. Citing the authority of Colonel Leonard Marbury, Barton wrote that “the Cheerake tell us, that when they first arrived in the country which they inhabit, they found it possessed by certain ‘moon-eyed-people,’ who could not see in the day-time. These wretches they expelled.”[2]Barton suggested these “moon-eyed people” were the ancestors of the albinosLionel Wafer encountered among the Kuna people of Panama, who were called “moon-eyed” because they could see better at night than day.[3][4]

Mooney links Barton’s “moon-eyed people” story to several similar accounts. One was by historian John Haywood who wrote in his 1823 The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee of “white people, who were extirpated in part, and in part were driven from Kentucky, and probably also from West Tennessee”, attributing this to Indian tradition, although later Haywood mentions that in the 17th century the Cherokee encountered “white people” on the Little Tennessee River, and describes fortifications left by French that were surrounded by “hoes, axes, guns, and other metallic utensils”, adding that the Cherokee found no aboriginals when they arrived.[5] Mooney cites two further independent accounts from Cherokee individuals of his time, of a people who lived north of the Hiwassee River when the Cherokee arrived there, and then went west; one of these describes them as a “very small people, perfectly white”.[2]

Colorado Tribe of “Native Americans” have Jewish DNA

This tribe may have come up from Mexico.  From the article:

Jewish Gene Found in Indian Tribe

Israeli researchers have found the so-called “Ashkenazi mutation,” a genetic marker unique to European Jews, in a tribe of Indians in Colorado. They believe the gene was introduced into the tribe by a single Jewish male descended from Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.
A number of these Spanish Jews settled in the new world. As this 2008 article from Smithsonian points out, genetic markers have been found in the Spanish Catholic population of Colorado and New Mexico before, but never in a tribe of Native Americans.

The gene, BRCA1, is problematic because its mutation is linked to an aggressive form of breast cancer.

When normal and healthy, BRCA1 helps to protect breast and ovarian cells from cancer. An extremely long gene, it has thousands of DNA letters, each corresponding to one of four chemical compounds that make up the genetic code and run down either strand of the DNA double helix; a “misspelling”—a mutation—can occur at virtually any letter. Some are of no consequence, but the deletion of the chemicals adenine (A) and guanine (G) at a site 185 rungs into the DNA ladder—hence the name 185delAG—will prevent the gene from functioning. Then the cell becomes vulnerable to a malignancy. To be sure, most breast and ovarian cancers do not run in families. The cases owing to BRCA1 and a similar gene, BRCA2, make up less than 10 percent of cases overall.

By comparing DNA samples from Jews around the world, scientists have pieced together the origins of the 185delAG mutation. It is ancient. More than 2,000 years ago, among the Hebrew tribes of Palestine, someone’s DNA dropped the AG letters at the 185 site. The glitch spread and multiplied in succeeding generations, even as Jews migrated from Palestine to Europe. Ethnic groups tend to have their own distinctive genetic disorders, such as harmful variations of the BRCA1 gene, but because Jews throughout history have often married within their religion, the 185delAG mutation gained a strong foothold in that population. Today, roughly one in 100 Jews carries the harmful form of the gene variant.

Lucy Thompson (Yurok) Testimony

When the Indians first made their appearance on the Klamath River it was already inhabited by a white race of people known among us as the Wa-gas.  These white people were found to inhabit the whole continent, and were a highly moral and civilized race.  They heartily welcomed the Indians to their country and taught us all of their arts and sciences.  The Indians recognized the rights of these ancient people as the first possessors of the soil, and no difficulties ever arose between the two people.  Their hospitality was exceedingly generous in the welfare of our people, and all prospered together in peace and happiness, in their pursuit of human existence.  After a time there were intermarriages between the two races, but these were never promiscuous.  For a vast period of time the two races dwelt together in peace and honored homes; wars and quarrels were unknown in this golden age of happiness.  No depredations were ever committed upon the property of their people, as the white people ruled with beacon light of kindness, and our people still worship the hallowed placed where once they trod.  Their morals were far superior to the white people of today; their ideals were high and inspired our people with greatness.  After we had lived with these ancient people so long, they suddenly called their hosts together and mysteriously disappeared for a distant land, we know not where.

-Lucy Thompson – To the American Indian, pages 81-82.

Menomonee Testimony

From Archie Eschborn’s book, The Dragon in the Lake, regarding Tyranena in Wisconsin near Lake Mills, Wisconsin:

The Menomonee oral tradition is a clear tribal memory, spanning not centuries but millennia.  It preserves their ancestors’ encounter 4,000 years ago with the fair-skinned seafarers from ancient Europe, who turned into aggressive copper miners in America.  The Menomonee go on to tell that these foreign “Marine Men” were virtually exterminated in a series of bloody clashes with native warriors after the collapse of the ancient copper trade, leaving the European enterprises stranded in the great Lakes region, where they mostly fell victim to local uprisings.  The survivors intermarried with indigenous tribes.

-Archie Eschborn, The Dragon in the Lake , page 29.

Sara Winnemucca (Pauite) Testimony

Among the traditions of our people is one of a small tribe of barbarians who used to live along the Humboldt River.  It was many hundred years ago.  They used to waylay my people and kill and eat them.  They would dig large holes in our trails at night, and if any of our people travelled at night, which they did, for they were afraid of these barbarous people, they would oftentimes fall into these holes.  That tribe would even eat their own dead-yes, they would even come and dig up our dead after they were buried, and would carry them off and eat them.  Now and then they would come and make war on my people.  They would fight, and as fast as they killed one another on either side, the women would carry off those who were killed.  My people say they were very brave.  When they were fighting they would jump up in the air after the arrows that went over their heads, and shoot the same arrows back again.  My people took some of them into their families, but they could not make them like themselves.  So at last they made war on them.  This war lasted a long time.  Their number was about twenty-six hundred (2600).  The war lasted some three years.  My people killed them in great numbers, and what few were left went into the thick bush.  My people set the bush on fire.  this was right above Humboldt Lake.  Then they went to work and made tuly or bulrush boats, and went into Humboldt Lake.  They could not live there very long without fire.  They were nearly starving.  My people were watching them all round the lake, and would kill them as fast as they would come on land…
This tribe was called people-eaters and after my people had killed them all, the people round us called us Say-do-carah.  It means conqueror; its the name of Piutes.  It is not an Indian word, I think it is misinterpreted.
My people say that the tribe we exterminated had reddish hair.  I have some of their hair, which has been handed down from father to son.  I have a dress which has been in our family a great many years, trimmed with this reddish hair.
Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Life Among the Piutes, Pages 73-75 


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