Wednesday, November 27, 2019's been a long time.

Jessie Willcox Smith's illustration of Alice surrounded by the characters of Wonderland. (1923)

I've been so busy working and with life responsibilities that I've let me blogs and books go for too long.  I've delved into filmmaking but now it's time to come back around and more.  It's been over 3 1/2 years since I've blogged or looked at things.  What a mess.  Most of my pictures are now gone from my blog and I have to reload them.  My websites have changed over platforms multiple times.  I have to re-read everything I've been writing for the last 10 years to see if I still feel the same way about things.

This journey has been an adventure, a blessing, and a curse.  I've started this journey innocent, ignorant, aware, looking, searching, and finding and then becoming angry, becoming sad, becoming determined, becoming amazed, becoming something different.

As I clean up and re-read, I don't know how I'll feel about most of the things I've said, but my research on the Cronides still stands and so much more hasn't been blogged about.   My determination to change the mindset on the planet, the history books, and how we as a people understand our world is more determined than ever.

Stay tuned as I revamp and reconsider and re-evaluate how I feel about everything I've seen in this amazing and bizarre rabbit's hole.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More from Diodorus Siculus' The Library of History

The Giants once again - Perhaps a different human species or just humans with genetics for tall stature and/or Gigantism with a height and weight advantage over normal sized humans:
"Furthermore, the Egyptians relate in their myths that in the time of Isis there were certain creatures of many bodies, who are called by the greeks Giants, but by themselves...., these being the men who are represented on their temples in monstrous form and as being cudgelled by Osiris." Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 85.
From Wikipedia - The Narmer Palette:

The Cronide timeline is old. The Trojan War was not so long ago and Diodorus Siculus addresses timeline issues in mythology by stating that Heracles did not live during the Trojan War time period, but at a longer time before it:
"The account of the Egyptians agrees also with the tradition which has been handed down among the Greeks since very early times, to the effect that Heracles cleared the earth of wild beasts, a story which is in no way suitable for a man who lived in approximately the period of the Trojan War, when most parts of the inhabited world had already been reclaimed from their wild state by agriculture and over the land. Accordingly this reclamation of the land suits better a man who lived in early times, when men were still held in subjection by the vast numbers of wild beasts, a state of affairs which was especially true in the case of Egypt, the upper part of which is to this day desert and infested with wild beasts." - Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 79.
From Wikipedia:
The fight of Heracles and the Nemean lion is one of his most famous feats.

The Timeline (12,000 to 25,000 years ago). I use this information along with some other things to put the date between 15,000 to 19,000 years ago per my analysis:
"The number of years from Osiris and Isis, they say, to the reign of Alexander, who founded the city which bears his name in Egypt, is over ten thousand, but according to other writers, a little less than twenty-three thousand." - Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 73.

The evidence of Dionysus-Osiris in India still has to be there. If you are Indian and you know of this, please write to me:
"Osiris also took an interest in hunting elephants, and everywhere left behind him inscribed pillars telling of his campaign. And he visited all the other nations of Asia as well and crossed into Europe at the Hellespont." - Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 63.
Here is a link of a children's story about Krishna killing an elephant:

More evidence that Osiris-Dionysus is also Krishna:
"He also founded not a few cities in India, one of which he named Nysa, wishing to leave there a memorial of the city in Egypt where he had been reared. He also planted ivy in the Indian Nysa, and throughout India and those countries which border upon it the plant to this day is still to be found only in this region. And many other signs of his stay he left in that country, which have led the Indians of a later time to lay claim to the god and say that he was by birth a native of India." - Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 63.

The Cronides traveled together (Again more evidence of my Mythological Unification Theory):
"Now after Osiris had established the affairs of Egypt, and turned the supreme power over to Isis his wife, they say that he placed Hermes at her side as counsellor because his prudence raised him above the king's other friends, and as general of all the land under his sway he left Heracles, who was all the land under his sway he left Heracles, who was both his kinsman and renowned for his valour and physical strength, while as governors he appointed Busiris over those parts of Egypt which lie towards Phoenicia and border upon the sea and Antaeus over those adjoining Ethiopia and Libya; then he himself left Egypt with his army to make his campaign, taking in his company also his brother, who the Greeks call Apollo. And it was Apollo, they say, who discovered the laurel, a garland of which all men place about the head of this god above all others." - Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 55 -57.

"Of Osiris they say that, being eager for glory, he gathered together a great army, with the intention of visiting all the inhabited earth and teaching the race of men how to cultivate the vine and sow wheat and barley; for he supposed that if he made men give up their savagery and adopt a gentle manner of life he would receive immortal honours because of the magnitude of his benefactions. And this did in fact take place, since not only the men of his time who received this gift, but all succeeding generations as well, because of the delight which they take in the foods which were discovered, have honoured those who introduced them as gods most illustrious." Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 55.

Osiris, they say, founded in the Egyptian Thebaid a city with a hundred gates, which the men of his day named after his mother, though later generations called it Diospolis, and some named it Thebes." Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, pages 49 -51.

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The Meaning of the Pentagram

The Pentagram has been vilified due to Abrahamic Religion.  Abrahamic Religion is a fraud.  It is the cult of Jupiter Sabazius as I have proved out.  That means a cult involving the Cronide family (Cronus, Zeus, Prometheus, Dionysus, Ashtoreth, etc.).  The knowledge of the ancestors was wiped out and kept hidden, scattered in esoteric libraries.  Here is the background of the pentagram:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

History is a Boldface Lie

There are always some remnants left of the truth that were not hidden, destroyed,  or refuted.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Are the Reptoids Behind the Cronides?

I summarize my findings on the timelines of the royal houses allegedly spawned by the Cronides and there is a big problem with it all.

The Nag Hammadi Library:

The Archons are Revealed as Profound Deceivers Who can Change their Form:
I have shown that the DemiUrge is Cronus in previous blog articles and youtube videos. What is very disturbing in the Nag Hammadi Library is the a passage that states that the Archons had to change their appearance to that of a "human woman" in order to  mate with them.
"And he made a plan with his powers.  He sent his angels to the daughters of men, that they might take some of them for themselves, and raise offspring for their enjoyment.  And at first they did not succeed. When they had no success, they gathered together again and they made a plan together.  They created a counterfeit spirit, who resembles the Spirit who had descended, so as to the pollute the souls through it.  And the angels changed themselves in their likeness into the likeness of their (the daughters of men) mates, filling them with the spirit of darkness, which they had mixed for them, and with evil.
They brought gold and silver and a gift and copper and iron and metal and all kinds of things.  And they steered the people who had followed them into great troubles, by leading them astray with many deceptions.  They (the people) became old without having enjoyment.  They died, not having found truth and without knowing the God of truth.  And thus the whole creation became enslaved forever, and begot children out of the darkness according to their spirit.  And they closed their hearts and they hardened themselves through the hardness of the counterfeit spirit until now.
-The Nag Hammadi Library - James M. Robinson, The Apocryphon of John, pages 121-122.

Book of Enoch:

"And they lifted me up into one place where there were (the ones) like the flaming fire. And when they (so) desire they appear like men.  And they took me into a place of whirlwind in the mountain; the top of its summit was reaching into heaven.James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 21.
What does this mean?  Are they wearing fake human bodies of giant white men?  They are described as white in the book of Enoch and the Ancient One terrifies Enoch.
The Book of Enoch was forbidden and the death penalty could be applied to those that had it.  But out of Ethiopia, the book has come and is now translated in several sources by scholars including in the Pseudepigrapha.  Per Wikipedia:
The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch;[1] Ge’ez: ???? ??? mäts’hafä henok) is an ancient Jewish religious work, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather ofNoah, although modern scholars estimate the older sections (mainly in the Book of the Watchers) to date from about 300 BC, and the latest part (Book of Parables) probably to the end of the first century BC.[2]

It is not part of the biblical canon as used by Jews, apart from Beta Israel. Most Christian denominations and traditions may accept the Books of Enoch as having some historical or theological interest or significance, but they generally regard the Books of Enoch as non-canonical or non-inspired.[3] It is regarded as canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church, but not by any other Christian group.
It is what is in the Book of Enoch that exposes the whole charade of lies this planet is under.  This book describes the time period of the last great flood (3rd and final destruction of Atlantis that probably occurred any where from 12,000 to 16,000 years ago – during the time of Cronus and Zeus).  This book describes the forbidden acts of the watchers (angels of god entrusted to watch over humans) who lusted after the daughters of the humans and mated with them creating “Giants” who oppressed the other humans including eating them.
Forbidden knowledge of medicine, writing, and astrology was given to the humans by these fallen angels.  Humans were forbidden to write or read and only angels and descendants of the Adam and Eve bloodline were allowed to learn and practice writing and reading (typical of what has been done to slaves).
But the biggest exposure of them all is the description of God and the Angels who are described as “snow white” and with “white” hair.  Noah was also said to be of this Caucasoid description and his father thought he was a child of the angels.
As I have already shown through Mythology, the ancient gods and goddesses were giant white people with advanced scientific knowledge and were probably survivors of the ill-fated Atlantis.  They restarted civilization after the final destruction of Atlantis and subsequent global flooding.  Here are the passages and screenshots that expose the big lie of Abrahamic religion.  God and the angels were giant Caucasoid people and the angels who mated with the women had fully functioning phalluses just like other men who were not of the white race.
Here are some of the passages:
And Semyaz, being their leader, said unto them, “I fear that perhaps you will not consent that this deed should be done, and I alone will become (responsible) for this great sin.”  But they all responded to him, “Let us all swear an oath and bind everyone among us by a curse not to abandon this suggestion but to do the deed.  Then they all swore together and bound one another by (the curse).  And they were altogether two hundred; and they descended into Ardos, which is the summit of Hermon.   And they called the mount, Armon, for they swore and bound one another by a curse.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 15.
But now the giants who are born from the (union of) the spirits and the flesh shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, because their dwelling shall be upon the earth and inside the earth.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 21.
And they lifted me up into one place where there were (the ones) like the flaming fire. And when they (so) desire they appear like men.  And they took me into a place of whirlwind in the mountain; the top of its summit was reaching into heaven.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 22.
And Uriel said to me, “Here shall stand in many different appearances the spirits of the angels which have united themselves with women.  They have defiled the people and will lead them into error so that they will offer sacrifices to the demons as unto gods, until the great day of judgment in which they shall be judged till they are finished.  And their women whom the angels have led astray will be peaceful ones.  So I, Enoch, I saw the vision of the end of everything alone; and none among human begins will see as I have seen.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 23.
 And I saw the sons of the holy angels walking upon the flame of fire; their garments were white- and their overcoats-and the light of their faces was like snow.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 49.
And I saw countless angels-a hundred thousand times a hundred thousand, ten million times ten million-encircling that house.  Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Phanuel, and numerous (other) holy angels that are in heaven above, go in and out of that house-Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Phanuel, and numerous (other) holy angels that are countless.  With them is the Antecedent of time:  His head is white and pure like wool and his garment is indescribable.  I fell on my face, my whole body mollified and my spirit transformed.
James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 50.
 And after some days my son, Methuselah, took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became pregnant by him and bore him a son.  And his body was white as snow and red as a rose; the hair of his head as white as wool and his demdema beautiful; and as for his eyes, when he opened them the whole house glowed like the sun- (rather) the whole house glowed even more exceedingly.  And when he arose from the hands of the midwife, he opened his mouth and spoke to the Lord with righteousness.  And his father, Lamech, was afraid of him and fled and went to Methuselah his father and he said to him, “I have begotten a strange son.  He is not like an (ordinary) human being, but he looks like the children of the angels of heaven to me, his form is different, and he is not like us.  His eyes are like the rays of the sun, and his face glorious.  It does not seem to me that he is of me, but of angels and I fear that a wondrous phenomenon may take place upon the earth in his days.”

James H. Charlesworth, The Old Testament Pseudepigraphia Volume 1, Page 86.

Dead Sea Scrolls:
Description of the angels by the father of Moses, Amram, in the Dead Sea Scrolls ("his visage like a viper" is what he says one of the angels looked like - serpent like):
"Manuscript B
Fragment 1
(9) [... 1 saw Watchers]
(10) in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying ...
(11) and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‘Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‘We]
(12) [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‘Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.]
(13) [One] of them was terr[i]fying in his appearance, [like a serpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark...
(14) [And I looked again], and ... in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing ...]
15) [exceedingly, and all his eyes ...]"
BelialPrince of DarknessKing of Evil'. Melchi JeshuaJesus’ MessianicMelchi ZedekKing of RighteousnessArchangel Michaelguardian Angel of…


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Blog Updated and Moved

Hello HHS Audience,

I've had to move my blog back to the original blog I started out with due to some issues at the main website (  I will be posting blog articles here from now on, but have provided a button to go back to the main site and see other articles within the site.

I am now at a crossroad with my research.  I'm at a place now where things have added up and put me at a place I never wanted to believe.  But the proof is in the ancient books.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for your following and learning with me.

The Nag Hammadi Library and the Identity of the DemiUrge and the Gnostic Father God – Final Analysis

There is more to the Nag Hammadi then just a hard to understand philosophy of concepts that are characterized as male or female in nature.
  There is a story of reincarnation hidden in the writings of this library.  After taking a second look at the father of Jesus Christ, I am more than sure that it is Zeus and Jesus Christ is the reincarnation of Dionysus-Osiris/Zagreus.  I believe this due to what is written in the library:
I visited a bodily dwelling.  I cast out the one who was in it first, and I went in.  And the whole multitude of the archons became troubled.  And all the matter of the archons as well as all the begotten powers of the earth were shaken when it saw the likeness of the image since it was mixed.
I revealed that I am a stranger to the regions below.
 - The Nag Hammadi Library, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, pages 363-364.
What he is saying is that he cast out the spirit that was in the body he took over when he, Jesus Christ, incarnated on the Earth.
But they, the archons, those of the place of Yaldabaoth, reveal the realm of the angels, which humanity was seeking in order that they may not know the Man of Truth.  For Adam, whom they had formed appeared to them.  And a fearful motion came about throughout their entire dwelling, lest the angels surrounding them rebel.  For without those who were offering praise – I did not really die lest their archangel became empty.
- The Nag Hammadi Library, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, pages 364.
For Adonaios knows me because of hope.  And I was in the mouths of lions.  And the plan which they devised about me to release their Error and their senselessness – I did not succumb to them as they had planned.  But I was not afflicted at all.  Those who were there punished me.  And I did not die in reality but in appearance, lest I be put to shame by them because these are my kinsfolk.  I removed the shame from me and I did not become fainthearted in the face of fear, and I suffered according to their sight and thought, in order that they may never find any word to speak about them.
- The Nag Hammadi Library, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, pages 365.
This treatise goes on to talk about how Adam all the way to John the Baptist was a laughingstock since none knew Jesus Christ but all were a product of the Hebdomad (ruling angels with the DemiUrge).
For they had a doctrine of angels to observe dietary laws and bitter slavery, since they never knew truth, nor will they know it.  For there is a great deception upon their soul making it impossible for them ever to find a Nous of freedom in order to know him until they come to know the Son of Man.  Now concerning my Father, I am he whom the world did not know, and because of this, it (the world) rose up against me and my brothers.  But we are innocent with respect to him; we have not sinned.
For the Archon was a laughingstock because he said, “I am god, and there is none greater than I.  I alone am the Father, the Lord, and there is no other beside me.  I am a jealous God, who brings the sins of the fathers upon the children for three and four  generations.”  As if he had ‘become stronger than I and my brothers.  But we are innocent with respect to him, in that we have not sinned since we mastered his teaching.  Thus he was an empty glory. And he does not agree with our Father.  And thus through our fellowship we grasped his teaching, since he was vain and an empty glory.  And he does not agree with our Father, for he was a laughingstock and judgment and false prophecy.
- The Nag Hammadi Library, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, pages 369.
The apostles were praying because the authorities wanted to kill them. They asked for help and light appeared to them on the mountain and lit up the whole place.
Then a great light appeared so that the mountain shone from the sight of him who had appeared.  And a voice called out to them saying “Listen to my words that I may speak to you.  Why are you asking me?  I am Jesus Christ who am with you forever.”
Then the apostles worshipped again saying, “Lord tell us: In what way shall we fight against the archons, since the archons are above us?”
Then a voice called out to them from the appearance saying,  
“Now you will fight against them in this way, for the archons are fighting against the inner man.  And you are to fight against them in this way:  Come together and teach in the world the salvation with a promise.  And ‘you gird yourselves with the power of my Father, and let your prayer be known.  And he, the ‘Father, will help you as he has helped you by sending me.  Be not afraid, I am with you forever, as I previously said to you when I was in the body.”  Then there came lightning and thunder from heaven, and what appeared to them in that place was taken up to heaven.
Some may see this as a UFO experience, others may see it as a Shamanic experience.  Remember, he was a spirit that took form in the flesh.  Lastly, this is the paragraph that confirms my suspicions of Jesus Christ being the reincarnation of Dionysus-Osiris:
He spoke thus:  Our illuminator, Jesus, came down and was crucified.  And he bore a crown of thorns.  And he put on a purple garment.  And he was crucified on a tree and he was buried in a tomb.  And he rose from the dead.  My brothers, Jesus is a stranger to this suffering.  But we are the ones who have suffered through the transgression of the mother. And because of this, he did everything like us.  For the Lord Jesus, the son of the immeasurable glory of the Father, he is the author of our life.  My brothers, let us therefore not obey these lawless ones and walk in …
- The Nag Hammadi Library, The Letter of Peter to Philip, Pages 435-437.
Who else wore the purple robe and could be considered androgynous due to having to dress like a girl as a child to hide from Hera?  The answer is Dionysus.
Whatever these spirits/entities are they are able to come and go from a fleshly body and they are able to affect  the physical world.   Some may say they are aliens, but I tend to now lean towards an entity in another dimension.
One last thing, Zeus was also associated with forethought when he introduced Pandora into Prometheus’ bloodline after Prometheus introduced burnt offering to the humans.
Thus Zeus, knowing deathless plans, spoke and mocked him.
But crooked-minded Prometheus answered him, gently
Smiling and did not forget his deceitful craft:
“Zeus, most famed and greatest of eternal gods, take of these whichever the spirit within tells you,”
He spoke with the trick in mind; but Zeus knowing deathless plans, knew and did not miss the trick; in his heart
He foresaw evils which were going to happen to mortal men.
- Hesiod, Theogony & Works and Days, Page 44.
Here is my final summary of the characters in the Nag Hammadi Library:
Jesus Christ – The reincarnation of Dionysus-Osiris
His Father – Zeus
DemiUrge – Cronus
Satan – Lucifer (not mentioned in the Nag Hammadi but is one of the Archons) – Prometheus
Archons – The Eloim or followers of Cronus or other Titans. (The Greys who are ugly)

Links:'s been a long time.

Jessie Willcox Smith 's illustration of Alice surrounded by the characters of Wonderland. (1923) I've been so busy working a...