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For years Rita has enjoyed reading about ancient mythology and has delved into ancient writings from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Nordic, Celtic, Mayan, Aztec, and Phoenician scholars.  After discovering an ancient story of what she believes is true history, in the same fashion as Mr. Heinrich Schliemann did when asserting that Troy had been a real place, she has written several books for the adult audience regarding an ancient family that changed the world.  This family has been written about by these ancient scholars and they are the basis of all Gods and Goddesses in almost all mythologies around the world.  Rita Jean has termed this theory, her “Mythological Unification Theory.”

Hidden Human Story Books and Tales from the Mysterious Side Books and The Library Kids Books.

Children’s Books/Young Adult to Adult fiction
 (The Library Kids & The Library Kids All Grown Up):

          The Library Kids is a middle grade (ages 8 to 12 and up) book series about a group of children who find a secret, magical library inside the Cave of the Blue Mounds that has the entire history and knowledge of the Earth in the past, present and future. The children can go back in time and meet famous people from the past and travel to any part around the world. However, the children will end up with a mission at the end of the first book. Their mission will be that they must battle the seven Enemies of the Library and defeat the Dark Master that the Enemies answer to. To do this, they must travel around the world to ancient sites and collect a set of twelve crystals that when put together will make a prison for the Dark Master. The children will travel to ancient sites in America, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ireland, Greece, Mali, Egypt, India, Tibet, and Australia throughout the seven book series. There will be some American history as well as ancient mythology, folklore, and legend in each book. This series is sure to captivate the middle grade audience as well as adults.

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