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Menasseh Ben Israel

Image Menasseh Ben Israel may have been involved in providing slave ships from Holland that worked with Cromwell to kidnap and enslave Irish children and women and send them to America to their slavery death.  He was a kabbalist, too.  From Wikipedia: Manoel Dias Soeiro(1604 – November 20, 1657), better known by his Hebrew name Menasseh ben Israel (מנשה בן ישראל), also, Menasheh ben Yossef ben Yisrael , also known with the Hebrew acronym, MB"Y , was a Portuguese rabbi , kabbalist , scholar, writer, diplomat, printer and publisher, founder of the first Hebrew printing press (named Emeth Meerets Titsma`h ) in Amsterdam in 1626. In 1644, Menasseh met Antonio de Montezinos , a Portuguese traveler and Marrano Sephardic Jew who had been in the New World. Montezinos convinced him of his conclusion that the South America Andes' Indians were the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel . This purp

Look up to the Stars and Sky

I used a free program called Stellarium to see what the skies looked like between 16,000 and 17,000 years ago.  Here is what I have and I will compare it to a cave drawing.  I call it my Red Horn Star Map: 16, 119 years ago

The Sacred Language of Symbolism

Book # 3 of the Hidden Human Story Series is now out: