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More from Diodorus Siculus' The Library of History

The Giants once again - Perhaps a different human species or just humans with genetics for tall stature and/or Gigantism with a height and weight advantage over normal sized humans: "Furthermore, the Egyptians relate in their myths that in the time of Isis there were certain creatures of many bodies, who are called by the greeks Giants, but by themselves...., these being the men who are represented on their temples in monstrous form and as being cudgelled by Osiris." Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History, Volume 1, page 85. From Wikipedia - The Narmer Palette: The Cronide timeline is old. The Trojan War was not so long ago and Diodorus Siculus addresses timeline issues in mythology by stating that Heracles did not live during the Trojan War time period, but at a longer time before it: ---------------------------------------- "The account of the Egyptians agrees also with the tradition which has been handed down among the Greeks since v

The Meaning of the Pentagram

The Pentagram has been vilified due to Abrahamic Religion.  Abrahamic Religion is a fraud.  It is the cult of Jupiter Sabazius as I have proved out.  That means a cult involving the Cronide family (Cronus, Zeus, Prometheus, Dionysus, Ashtoreth, etc.).  The knowledge of the ancestors was wiped out and kept hidden, scattered in esoteric libraries.  Here is the background of the pentagram: