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Blog Updated and Moved

Hello HHS Audience, I've had to move my blog back to the original blog I started out with due to some issues at the main website ( ).  I will be posting blog articles here from now on, but have provided a button to go back to the main site and see other articles within the site. I am now at a crossroad with my research.  I'm at a place now where things have added up and put me at a place I never wanted to believe.  But the proof is in the ancient books.  Stay tuned. Thanks for your following and learning with me.

The Nag Hammadi Library and the Identity of the DemiUrge and the Gnostic Father God – Final Analysis

There is more to the Nag Hammadi then just a hard to understand philosophy of concepts that are characterized as male or female in nature.    There is a story of reincarnation hidden in the writings of this library.    After taking a second look at the father of Jesus Christ, I am more than sure that it is Zeus and Jesus Christ is the reincarnation of Dionysus-Osiris/Zagreus.    I believe this due to what is written in the library: I visited a bodily dwelling.    I cast out the one who was in it first, and I went in.    And the whole multitude of the archons became troubled.    And all the matter of the archons as well as all the begotten powers of the earth were shaken when it saw the likeness of the image since it was mixed. I revealed that I am a stranger to the regions below.  - The Nag Hammadi Library, The Second Treatise of the Great Seth, pages 363-364. What he is saying is that he cast out the spirit that was in the body he took over when he, Jesus Christ, incarnat

Who Gave Adolf Hitler the Symbols of the Black Sun/Symbols of Satan-Prometheus?

Without a doubt anyone knowledgeable of symbolism knows that some of the symbols of Hitler were Nordic in nature, but the symbolism of the Black Sun is that of Prometheus-Satan.  There are many who state Hitler was trained in the occult.  There are even others who believe he was possessed. Without a doubt Hitler did good things for Germany in the beginning, but in the end millions of white Europeans lost their lives, Germany was divided in half, and millions of white women were raped to death by the Bolsheviks.  Hitler and his men escaped to South America and lived out their lives in peace and comfort. So who trained him and gave him his colors and symbols? An article “Hitler’s Forgotten Library” by Timothy Ryback, published in  The Atlantic (May 2003), [ 17 ]  mentions a book from  Hitler’s private library  authored by Dr.  Ernst Schertel . Schertel, whose interests were  flagellation , dance, occultism,  nudism  and BDSM , had also been active as an activist for  sexual liber