Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Saturn Matrix – The Massive Earth Changes to Come

(Georgia Guidestones with Kill-Off Goal of over six billion people)

Saturn is used to represent Cronus.  The ways of Cronus included human sacrifice of children.  Those ways were stopped by the son of Cronus, Zeus.  The challengers to Zeus were the Titans and eventually Prometheus.  It is said Hera eventually wanted Zeus dethroned due to his many extramarital affairs.  She wanted the Titans to reestablish Cronus as the leader and remove Zeus.  It did not work.  Zeus is referred to as Cronion and I’ve already shown that Abrahamic religion is loosely based on the teachings of Zeus (Jupiter Sabazius).
There is a war going on between the Promethean bloodline and the Zeus bloodline.  This war is in the spiritual world and physical world.  All sides are fighting it out.  I’ve tried to show the approximate timeline of this group as being between 15,000 to 19,000 years ago; however, I suspect that this battle goes back to previous lifetimes as well.  I have a suspicion that this old group of souls have been fighting it out for a long time including in Atlantis and possibly off-world.
There are theories that go beyond my research that indicate Saturn is affecting the Earth’s magnetic field just as the moon affects the tidal waves.  The science of astrology asserted that the planets did affect the earth and affected the cycles and lives of the people.  This was forbidden knowledge taught to the “humans’ by the fallen angels.  This is an area of research that is beyond the scope of what I have proven out.  Perhaps the symbolism indicates that Cronus had a system that was a trap and perhaps it also indicates that the physical planet of Saturn affects us in the physical world.   
Lastly, here is a copy from a book that shows a 10th planet and 2nd dead sun passed Neptune, in our solar system.  Please note the male person is active, while the female is passive.  This is the way connectors are represented in electronics (the male plugs into the passive female).

10th Planet 1

From The New How it Works, Science and Invention Encyclopedia, Volume 18,  H.S. Stuttman Inc. Publishers, Westport, Connecticut, page 2488.

What is actually going on is beyond my research at this time; however, I have a feeling there may be something hidden in the forbidden science of astrology that may hint at how all the planets affect the Earth and cause changes to it.  This knowledge was kept from the “human” and forbidden by Cronus and the rest of the Cronides.
There was a card in the Illuminati card game about “tape runs out.”


If you look closely, the Earth is cracking around Israel.  Is there knowledge of how the planets (Saturn in particular) will affect the magnetic field of the planet and cause the Earth to split and is the knowledge encoded in the Bible?  It is the foot of Jesus that must start/stop the Earthquakes.  Are those in charge of the Armageddon script aware of when the “big one” will hit and must make sure the foot of “Jesus” stops it or appears to stop it?  This is an area worth researching.
 Zechariah 14:4
On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

Yes, I think they know what is coming.  That’s why the elites have built bunkers and seed vaults.  They will leave us to the slaughter and hide until it’s over.  They use our resources to help themselves only and we will be pulled into a war and then the massive Earth changes will come and the Georgia Guidestones “kill off” will be accomplished for them.  Then the elites will come out and pretend to be our saviors, they will announce their new religion, and they will rebuild and live off our backs as usual.  I believe we’ve done this before and it’s just repeating again.
Or will the Elites cause the Earthquakes with HARP technology or the like and blame the planet Saturn and use the forbidden fallen angel teachings of astrology (seen as junk by God) to blame it on?  Are they using NLP (Neuro – Linguistic Programming) to get all of us to accept that it was the planet Saturn who exterminated the majority of the human race while it was really elite technology that will be used to do it?