Sunday, November 22, 2015

Theory on Why Pre-Columbian Travel from Europe to the Americas is Hidden

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I believe the evidence of pre-Columbian travel to the new world by Europeans is being covered up because they were not Jewish (Marrano Jews)/bloodline and they were pagans. The Vikings tried to establish a new homeland between 800 to 1300 AD. I believe they are the ones behind the stories of red-haired giants and frost giants and I believe they were behind many of the fortified city centers along the Mississippi and Colorado Rivers, all though there were natives pre-existing with a pantheon and cosmology going back to the Cronides and including their own history. I believe the Celts traveled over before the Vikings and inter-mixed. I believe the Phoenicians came over thousands of years before the Celts and Vikings and after the Cronides. All of this is hidden, the mummies with red-hair are deliberately destroyed or taken by the Smithsonian and the history is hidden, because they were pagan and not part of the Cult of Jupiter Sabazios (includes all Abrahamic religions, Satanism, Luciferianism, and all Mystery Schools).
The Americas were settled by Christians (many of whom were Catholics ) with Jews hidden in key positions per my research. The Freemasons are based on Kabbalah-Qlippoth mysticism which is Jewish. Anything that does not feed into this cult and its system is hidden and destroyed. Christopher Columbus was a Marrano Jew and it is only now that the press is feeling comfortable with saying it. I further believe the Vikings were unsuccessful due to being attacked constantly and due to the Black Plague that began sweeping through Europe right when things were beginning to change for the Pagans and their attempts at conquering the new lands. In 1492, a Marano Jew is then credited with discovering the Americas after the plague and attempted settlements were over.