Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thousands of Red-Haired White People Exterminated by Piutes in Ancient America

Sarah Winnemucca – daughter of Chief Winnemucca

Per the writings of Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, 2600 red-haired giants were exterminated by the Piutes in Ancient America.  The reasoning was a claim that they were cannibals and would not stop being cannibals and convert to the ways of the Piutes.  This reasoning is the exact same basis of the Cronide travels and wars as I have revealed in my research and writings.  I am not sure I believe they were entirely cannibals since they were also called Tule eaters.  Were they a group of whites that were being attacked and having their hunting areas decreased and thus were reduced to cannibalism to survive in the same manner as the Donner Party?  Here is what she wrote:

Among the traditions of our people is one of a small tribe of barbarians who used to live along the Humboldt River.  It was many hundred years ago.  They used to waylay my people and kill and eat them.  They would dig large holes in our trails at night, and if any of our people travelled at night, which they did, for they were afraid of these barbarous people, they would oftentimes fall into these holes.  That tribe would even eat their own dead-yes, they would even come and dig up our dead after they were buried, and would carry them off and eat them.  Now and then they would come and make war on my people.  They would fight, and as fast as they killed one another on either side, the women would carry off those who were killed.  My people say they were very brave.  When they were fighting they would jump up in the air after the arrows that went over their heads, and shoot the same arrows back again.  My people took some of them into their families, but they could not make them like themselves.  So at last they made war on them.  This war lasted a long time.  Their number was about twenty-six hundred (2600).  The war lasted some three years.  My people killed them in great numbers, and what few were left went into the thick bush.  My people set the bush on fire.  this was right above Humboldt Lake.  Then they went to work and made tuly or bulrush boats, and went into Humboldt Lake.  They could not live there very long without fire.  They were nearly starving.  My people were watching them all round the lake, and would kill them as fast as they would come on land…

This tribe was called people-eaters and after my people had killed them all, the people round us called us Say-do-carah.  It means conqueror; its the name of Piutes.  It is not an Indian word, I think it is misinterpreted.
My people say that the tribe we exterminated had reddish hair.  I have some of their hair, which has been handed down from father to son.  I have a dress which has been in our family a great many years, trimmed with this reddish hair.

Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Life Among the Piutes, Pages 73-75

So even the name Sitecah applied to the Piutes and not the red-haired people as we have been led to believe.  They starved them after they killed most of them.  So don’t tell me how “whitey” stole this land, cause “whitey” = giant compared to the Asiatic tribes that came and I would even say Aborigines crossed over, too.  They even interbred with some of them (“took some of them into their families”).  I believe they were all either survivors of Atlantis, remnants of previous Atlantic travelers, or even some left overs from the Cronides.  She said the remaining small number were trapped in a cave and killed with fire.  This Humboldt River goes through the Lovelock area of Nevada which is where the giant mummies of red-haired people were found in the early 1900s (after Sarah Winnemucca’s writings and death) and the mummies were taken and boiled and destroyed by fraternities.  There you have it, some more of the lies exposed.  All of these secrete societies are based on the Cronides and all of their rituals have to do with their history as I have and am continually revealing.