Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why Does the Thought of Ancient Caucasoids Being in America First Make People so Angry?

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Here are some of my thoughts from studying these mysterious and controversial red-haired giants of the Americas that seemed to not only exist in the Middle East, Europe, China, and Siberia but exist all over the world:

-There were tales of “white” people from different tribes that were killed off or run out of areas by the: Pauite (Sai’i), Cherokee (Moon-eyed people), Hopi (Pahanna left on own), Ho-chunk (Red Horn and frost giants), and even from the early “white settlers” that formed this nation (Jefferson, Francis Lewis, etc.).
-There is ample written evidence (Loud & Harrington, Julio Tello, etc.) from researchers that red-haired mummies existed in the southwest pueblo area, Lovelock Cave, and in Peru. These mummies were destroyed or hidden in America.
-Evidence of cultural diffusion (teepees, cradle boards, symbolism, artificial cranial deformation, and so on exists extensively connecting the old and new world. Tales of travel by St. Brenden from Ireland, Leif Erikson & Vikings, Phoenicians, etc. exist and some have been proven out.
-The subject makes a lot of people angry and many would rather believe that red-haired giants came from aliens or albinos, than believe they descended from ancient Europeans out of Tyre/Crete said to be giants and having red hair. Why is it so scary to understand that there were multiple migrations of people and that they mixed or killed one another? Why?
People are so scared to admit that white people traveled the world thousands upon thousands of years ago and probably came from a lost advanced civilization known as Atlantis that is talked about in ancient writings and Aztec codices that they have to blame the anomalies on aliens or albinos (without big noses or large skulls, etc).  What are you scared of?  What is being hidden and why?

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There is some proof that Aborigine people were in South America first (see Luzia Woman).  Does this anger people? Did she come from ancient aliens or albinos?  If it makes you angry,  ask yourself why?

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