Thursday, December 5, 2013

Petroglyphs at the Valley of Fire and Sloan Canyon

I saw pictures of what appear to be Phoenician ships in the petroglyphs at Valley of Fire.  There were two of them.  I saw a slab with petroglyphs of feet. One had 6 digits.  The rest were from children and probably a female adult (they were smaller) with 5 digits.  I saw Petroglyphs of the animals of the region (long horn sheep, centipedes, scorpions, snakes, tortoises, and humans) and many sun spirals.  Here they are:

There appears to be a ship in this one:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jesus Christ and the Sons of Cleopatra

The identity of Jesus Christ is an area I am researching extensively.  Where is the written record of him, other than the bible?  Before we can answer this question, let's take a look at something that was occurring near the "time" of his life.  It was the power struggle between Rome and Egypt.  Cleopatra VII and Caesarion were the last Pharaohs of Egypt.   Julius Caesar was the father of Caesarion.   Here is what they all looked like according to ancient art:

Bust of Cleopatra VII, Altes Museum, Berlin

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hidden Human Story Book # 6

I am working on my 6th and final book of my series, Hidden Human Story.  This is going to be a good one.  Please take a look at my other blog and facebook pages for more to read.  After next year begins, I will probably work this blog quite a bit.  Thanks.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Cronide Chronicles

Get ready for the 5th book in my Hidden Human Story series. This one will blow the lid off of Dan Brown's The Davinci Code and Baigent & Leigh's Holy Blood Holy Grail. Do you want to know the truth? Want to know where all the royal bloodlines and priests come from? Do you want to know how they got power? Then watch for this one to come out soon...need about 2 more weeks and it's done.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Devil versus the Baphomet

These two symbols are not the same but from my research they appear to represent the same thing.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Book Coming Soon!

New Book Coming Soon!

I'm working to finish up another book in the Hidden Human Story Series.  I will let you all know as soon as it is out. This one is for the adults.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Jupiter Sabazios

I took a screenshot of an interesting art sculpture at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A White Female Pharaoh Built the 3rd Pyramid of Egypt

Manetho tells us that in the sixth dynasty, a white woman named Nitocris, built the 3rd pyramid of Egypt.

"There was a queen Nitocris, the noblest and loveliest of the women of her time; she had a fair complexion, and is said to have built the third pyramid."

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bees and Beekeeping

Man Mound

I visited the Man Mound in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Much of it was overgrown with grass and weeds; however, I was able to get some pictures.  Part of his legs were drawn on the street.  At the bottom of his feet were cattle on a farm (very significant in my opinion).  The horns of the Man Mound make him look like Mickey Mouse.

Wisconsin Dells - Ripley's Believe It or Not

I just returned from Wisconsin Dells.  It's a great place for families and friends.  The Dells has plenty of restaurants and food choices, World War II Duck rides, Outdoor and Indoor Water Parks, Museums, Nature Trails, Golfing, and Shopping.  I always see something new that I missed last time I was there.  This time I went to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.  Mr. Ripley travelled the world and collected artifacts from all over the globe.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gilgamesh's Grave

Gilgamesh's Grave

Ancient Ruins in O'ahu, Hawaii

Ancient Ruins in O'ahu, Hawaii
During the summer of 2011, I vacationed in O'ahu.  One of the places I visited was Waimea Valley.  Waimea Valley is one of the last partially intact native Hawaiian lands.  It is called an Ahupua'a.  The land consists of 1,800 acres of valley with botanical and ecological significance.  There are many animals that roam freely in this preserved land. 

Prehistoric Planes

Prehistoric Airplanes

When I visited the museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois, I saw what looked like little gold airplanes.  They were small artifacts from Columbia that were hundreds of years old.  The display case had a tag that labelled them as fish figurines.  To me, they look like airplanes or space shuttles.  What do you think?

The Royal Library of Ashurbanipal (Ninevah)

The Royal Library of Ashurbanipal (Ninevah)

An ancient library was uncovered in 1849 that revealed thousands of clay tablets with ancient Sumerian mythology and writings dating back to the 7th century BC.  It was named after Ashurbanipal, the last great king of the Neo-Assyrian Empire.  The library was found at ancient Ninevah, which is in modern day Iraq.
The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Enûma Eliš creation story, and the first man myth of Adapa was found at the library.

Ed Leedskalnin and His Coral Castle

Ed Leedskalnin and His Coral Castle

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Hiding Place of Zeus - Mt. Ida, Crete

This is the cave that Zeus was hidden in, from his father by his mother Rhea.  There is another Mt. Ida in Turkey (known as Anatolia). 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Children of Zeus

Zeus was the Greek father of the gods and humans.  He had many wives (consorts) and children.  His first wife, Hera and many Titans, hated them all.  According to Wikipedia, these are his wives and children:

Europa and Europe

Europa was abducted and raped by Zeus.  Some same it was in retaliation for the abduction of Io. She was a Phoenician princess.  Europe is named after her.  Before that each empire had its own name.  Once again, we can see how this bloodline of Zeus has taken over things and named everything after themselves.  According to Wikipedia:

The True Meaning of Original Sin and the Sacred Heart

For those of you who are following my work, you'll know that I've uncovered a secret past of the human race that has been hidden.  Our race came after a race of giants and it is from their genetics that we came from.  As I've revealed in my radio show and books, the Abrahamic God is Jupiter Sabazius or Zeus.  I've told you of the story of Zagreus and his reincarnation as Dionysus-Osiris.  But to understand the sacred heart and the Jesus lineage, one must understand what original sin, truly means.   According to Wikipedia:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hidden Human Story Radio

Menasseh Ben Israel

Menasseh Ben Israel may have been involved in providing slave ships from Holland that worked with Cromwell to kidnap and enslave Irish children and women and send them to America to their slavery death.  He was a kabbalist, too.  From Wikipedia:

Manoel Dias Soeiro(1604 – November 20, 1657), better known by his Hebrew name Menasseh ben Israel (מנשה בן ישראל), also, Menasheh ben Yossef ben Yisrael, also known with the Hebrew acronym, MB"Y, was a Portuguese rabbi, kabbalist, scholar, writer, diplomat, printer and publisher, founder of the first Hebrew printing press (named Emeth Meerets Titsma`h) in Amsterdam in 1626.

In 1644, Menasseh met Antonio de Montezinos, a Portuguese traveler and Marrano Sephardic Jew who had been in the New World. Montezinos convinced him of his conclusion that the South America Andes' Indians were the descendants of the lost ten tribes of Israel. This purported discovery gave a new impulse to Menasseh's Messianic hopes, as the settlement of Jews throughout the world was supposed to be a sign that the Messiah would come. Filled with this idea, he turned his attention to England, whence the Jews had been expelled since 1290. He worked to get them permission to settle there again and thus hasten the Messiah's coming.
He found much Christian support in England to readmit the Jews as 1666 approached. During the Commonwealth, the question of the readmission of the Jews was often mooted under the growing desire for religious liberty. Besides this, Messianic and other mystic hopes were current in England. He first published his book, the Hope of Israel, in Amsterdam in Hebrew (Mikveh Israel) or in Latin (Spes Israelis).[2] In 1650, it was translated into English and published in London; his account of descendants of the Lost Tribes being found in the New World deeply impressed public opinion.[2]
Oliver Cromwell was sympathetic to the Jewish cause, partly because of his tolerant leanings but chiefly because he foresaw the importance for English commerce of the participation of the Jewish merchant princes, some of whom had already made their way to London. At this juncture, the English gave Jews full rights in the colony of Surinam, which they had controlled since 1650. There is some debate among historians, particularly Jewish theologian Ismar Schorsch, concerning whether or not Menasseh’s personal motives for pursuing the readmission of the Jews by England were primarily political or religious. Schorsch argues that the idea of England being a final place for Jews to inhabit in order to bring about the coming of the Messiah was hardly present in Hope of Israel, but rather was developed by Menasseh later in order to appeal to English Christians with Millenarian beliefs.[3] 

Following the Irish uprising in 1641 and subsequent Cromwellian invasion, the English Parliament passed the Act for the Settlement of Ireland in 1652 which classified the Irish population into one of several categories according to their degree of involvement in the uprising and subsequent war. Those who had participated in the uprising or assisted the rebels in any way were sentenced to be hanged and to have their property confiscated. Other categories of the Irish population were sentenced to banishment with whole or partial confiscation of their estates. Whilst the majority of the resettlement took place within Ireland to the province of Connaught, Dr William Petty, Physician-General to Cromwell's Army, estimated that as many as 100,000 Irish men, women and children were transported to the colonies in the West Indies and in North America as slaves.[15] During the early colonial period, The Scots and the English, along with other western European nations, dealt with their "Gypsy problem" by transporting them as slaves in large numbers to North America and the Caribbean. Cromwell shipped Romanichal Gypsies as slaves to the southern plantations and there is documentation of Gypsies being owned by former black slaves in Jamaica.[16]
On the other hand, the worst atrocities committed in Ireland, such as mass evictions, killings and deportation of over 50,000 men, women and children as prisoners of war and indentured servants[54] to Bermuda and Barbados, were carried out under the command of other generals after Cromwell had left for England.[55] However other historians would argue that ultimately he was the commander of these generals. Some point to his actions on entering Ireland. Cromwell demanded that no supplies were to be seized from the civilian inhabitants and that everything should be fairly purchased; "I do hereby warn....all Officers, Soldiers and others under my command not to do any wrong or violence toward Country People or any persons whatsoever, unless they be actually in arms or office with the they shall answer to the contrary at their utmost peril." However it should be noted that he landed in Dublin, a city with no Catholic population as they had been previously expelled. Several English soldiers were hanged for disobeying these orders.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Look up to the Stars and Sky

I used a free program called Stellarium to see what the skies looked like between 16,000 and 17,000 years ago.  Here is what I have and I will compare it to a cave drawing.  I call it my Red Horn Star Map:

16, 119 years ago

Monday, April 29, 2013

Woman's Girdle - Egyptian Clothing

A woman's girdle was meant to cover the woman's parts.  Here is a picture of women wearing a woman's girdle:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Did the Jews worship Jupiter also Known as Zeus?

Did the Jews worship Zeus who is also known as Jupiter?  A Latin writer named Valerius Maximus seemed to think so and so did Plutarch.  The translation of the writing of Valerius indicate this:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mythological Unification Theory

The Mythological Unification Theory attempts to point to a common source for all mythology around the world as a system utilizing the same set of god/goddess stories, symbols, solar and planetary knowledge, and sacred architecture. The author attempts to put years of comparative mythology studies in a format that is easy for the public to understand. There was a war of nuclear proportions on this planet years ago, and the winners restarted civilization with the mythological unification system/model.'s been a long time.

Jessie Willcox Smith 's illustration of Alice surrounded by the characters of Wonderland. (1923) I've been so busy working a...