Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kom Ombo

The double entrance to Kom Ombo Temple

This is an interesting temple in Egypt dedicated to more than one god.  These gods seem to vary from the Osiris-Isis bloodline.  The southern part of the temple was dedicated to Sobek (the god of fertility and the crocodile god) while the northern part of the temple was dedicated to Horus the Elder (a god who was not the son of Isis and Osiris but who came before them).  Other gods were also honored there that included Tasenetnofret and Panebtawy.
The fact that it had a dual entrance is rather interesting since many of the temples in Egypt appeared to have a singular entrance.  It is also in the land that was considered the land of Set (Prometheus).

Neith is said to be his mother and he appears to be involved in healing or helping with the deceased body of Osiris, which sounds like Anubis.

This relief from the Temple of Kom Ombo shows Sobek with typical attributes of kingship, including awas sceptre and royal kilt. The ankh in his hand represents his role as an Osirian healer and his crown is a solar crown associated with one of the many forms of Re.