Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Origins of Circumcism

Per the writings of ancient Phoenician scholar, Sanchoniathon in his History of the Ancient World, the story of the beginning of the practice of circumcision is told.  After Cronus killed his father, he circumcised himself and killed his first born son to make atonement for this murder of his abusive and violent father.

In addition, Cronus required all his followers to circumcise themselves.
From Sanchoniathon:
“Cronus, also going about the habitable world, gave to his daughter Athena the kingdom of Attica: and when there happened a plague and mortality, Cronus offered up his only son as a sacrifice to his father Ouranus, and circumcised himself, and forced his allies to do the same: and not long afterwards he consecrated after his death another son, called Muth, whom he had by Rhea; him the Phoenicians call Death and Pluto.”
The  practice of circumcision is genital mutilation. The practice is passed off as a practice of hygiene when in fact, it is an ancient blood ritual for the atonement of the murder of Uranus by Cronus.
This practice is so disgusting and Orthodox Jews utilize their mouths to perform suction on a baby after it is circumcised.  There have been several cases of babies contracting Herpes from these rabbis and dying.  Why this practice is allowed to exist in any civilized country is a question that must be asked.
“Because of the risks of MBP, New York City instituted a consent form in January 2012. Mohels were directed to ask parents to sign the form, which spells out the risks of MBP before it is performed.
A department of health spokeswoman declined to say whether a consent form was signed in this latest case. “We are currently investigating the case and won’t discuss its details,” the spokeswoman said.
Ultra-Orthodox leaders vehemently oppose the consent form. They say that the risks of babies contracting herpes from MBP are overblown.
The ultra-Orthodox umbrella group, Agudath Israel of America, along with a handful of ultra-Orthodox rabbis and mohels launched a lawsuit in late 2012 challenging the legality of the forms, which they say is a violation of free speech.”