Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Reptoid Psy-ops, David Icke, Tiamat, and the Matriarchy

The internet and underbelly of the alternative media has been filled with the “Reptoid Lizard People” psy-ops.  A man by the name of David Icke has many people believing that there are actually green shape-shifter reptoid people running around as the elites.  After years of research and proving through the writings of Valerius Maxiums, and the other ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Phoenician writers that the Abrahamic God is Zeus and that the Cronide family is encoded in all religions including Christianity, Islam, Judeoism, paganism, witchcraft, Satanism and so on, I can now understand that the Reptoid psy-ops is programming against an old
Matriarchy ruled by Tiamat who was savagely murdered by Anu and dismembered after her elderly husband was murdered in the same way.

The truth about the Cronide bloodline, the Matriarchy, and the extreme Earth changes caused by the highly advanced Atlantians experimenting with technology that created global weather changes, has been hidden by this priest craft and bloodline.
The ancient Egyptian Ogdoad includes four generations of god/goddess pairs before the birth of Cronus/Saturn.  The women are represented as snakes which are also symbolic of reptoids and the men as frogs:
The eight deities were arranged in four female-male pairs: Naunet and Nu,Amaunet and Amun, Kauket and Kuk, Hauhet and Huh. The females were associated with snakes and the males were associated with frogs.[1] Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the female goddess from the male god in a pair; indeed, the names of the females are merely the female forms of the male name and vice versa. Essentially, each pair represents the female and male aspect of one of four concepts, namely the primordial waters (Naunet and Nu), air or invisibility (Amunet and Amun), darkness (Kauket and Kuk), and eternity or infinite space (Hauhet and Huh).[2]
Together the four concepts represent the primal, fundamental state of the beginning, they are what always was. In the myth, however, their interaction ultimately proved to be unbalanced, resulting in the arising of a new entity. When the entity opened, it revealed Ra, the fiery sun, inside. After a long interval of rest, Ra, together with the other deities, created all other things.
The Reptoid represents a Dragon or snake (which can also represent ancient dinosaurs). The Reptoid/Dragon was a symbol used to represent the ancient matriarchal Queens.  But  were they truly humans, Caucasoid, and Celtic/Phoenician?

My research proves this over and over that they were always referred to as tall and white (Ethiopian Book of Enoch confirms this).  The Semite is said to come from the Argive Dynasty (per Manetho).  This Dynasty had a treacherous beginning when the patriarch instructed his 50 daughters to kill their 50 husbands on their wedding night.  All but one did so.  The pair that survived created the Argive Dynasty and the Patriarch and murderess daughters fled away.  Through this surviving pair, the bloodline of Perseus and Heracles came from Zeus and Danae.  This semite bloodline became the patriarchal Hyksos and the semite of today.  Their ancestor, Heracles murdered off any remaining Amazons because he didn’t want any women to rule.  Ever wonder why only certain parts of mythology are glorified in Hollywood including the story of Heracles over and over even though they won’t tell you that he murdered his first wife and children in a fit of rage and had many pedophile homosexual relationships?  But if they did come from Heracles, their male DNA should match that of Europeans, but it doesn't.  Was it the female bloodline of Heracles that they came from or was this also a false assumption as Sarah was given to a Pharaoh for his harem and then to King Abimelech (becoming pregnant afterwards).

Today the alternative media pushes the notion that America is a matriarchy.  Not in the least is it.  For over 200 years we’ve never had a female president or vice-president.  A matriarchy would include a government only run by women as the Amazon and Gorgon female warrior cultures were.  America is run by a partial patriarchy and a corporate hereditary oligarchy that are globalists.  We started as a slave plantation and corporation with white women and children from Ireland becoming the first slaves of America by the force of Oliver Cromwell and the Jewish Manessah Ben Israel.
People in the alternative media are pushing the “women belong in the home” notion because their “handlers” pay them to do so and because those who have researched things know darn well what bloodline has control and power in this country and they know darn well that women have always been used as sex slaves, menial chore laborers, and slaves for the elite.  See the Arab Slave Trade and Irish Slaves history.
The Reptoid Psy-OPs goes back for years in Hollywood before David Icke ever came on the scene with Credo Mutwa.  There is an old Corry Everson movie about a Queen Reptoid.  The 2nd half is online.  The movie even touches on the ancient problem of cannibalism and the attacks on humans by ancient large flying birds:
Tiamat was the last Dragon Goddess and she represents the Oceans.  She is considered a demon and a chaos monster because of Abrahamic religion.
Here she is shown before her viscious murder by the unruly Anu (Greek Uranus).  He used weaponry similar to an Asian Sai to murder her in this image:

This goddess is also shown as a Santeria Orisha known as Yemaya who can also represent another goddess named Rhea (the mother of Zeus) who is the “Mother of God” or Virgin Mary:
Her colors are always blue and white.

Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Tartaków in Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Łukawiec.
You will also see the Virgin Mary with a sacred heart.  If you have been following my work, you know that this represents Zagreus who reincarnated as Dionysus-Osiris and created the Pharaonic line.  Jesus Christ was Pharaonic, but who he was has yet to be solved.  He may have been Caesarian, a descendant of Caesarian, or another part of the Osirian bloodline that survived the Roman invasion of Egypt.
There are many on the internet pointing to Saturn worship.  Saturn is Cronus and to say that the elites worship Saturn is only part of the story.  The Abrahamic God is Zeus, but his father is Saturn.  The bloodline of Cronus is part of this ancient family that has ruled the world for over 15,000 years along with their cruel, pedophilic, murderous, lying priests.  Their Satan is Prometheus and his bloodline and the Jewish Qlippoth is the family tree of Prometheus given to degenerates to use and perform animal and human sacrifices when calling upon Prometheus-Moloch-Therion-Set-Loki and his bloodline labeled as demons.  By the way, the Jews practice animal sacrifice once again in Israel today.  This is the same sacrifice practice in Vodoun, Santeria, and Satanism.
I have tried to present my theories to alternative outlets and mainstream outlets, but currently none will touch my work and let me have air time.  I have had a couple ask me more about what I wanted to write or say and when I tell them, they won’t return emails and allow me to present my proof and theory.   I do believe they are afraid of what I know and the proof I have in the ancient writing, the symbolism, and what I found in the desert of Nevada.  I also believe they are censoring this information.
Here is the dragon from the Gates of Ishtar (who is Aphrodite and had her own Queendom in ancient Babylon):

Compare it to a dinosaur:
Stay tuned for more of the revealing of how the Cronide hereditary matrix of control and lies is falling apart.