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The Philosophy of a Kabbalist – Evil is a Gift From God and Satan is His Loyal Servent

This book is an eye opener about what the backbone of Judaism is about.  The Kabbalist associated evil with darkness.  They believe evil came before good.  They believe they have the blueprint for the universe in their Hebrew alphabet and in their mystical teachings.  They believe Satan was a loyal servant to god and that evil can be a path to god.  They believe that evil is a gift from god and that it is necessary for free will.  They believe Hell is a way to get closer to God.

Final Proof that the Sumerian Tiamat was a Woman and Not a Planet

I’m repeating this post from my mythology blog here, because it is very important.  For more detail on Sumerian mythology refer to my mythology blog.
The Pacific Ocean – The Sea Water was Symbolic of Tiamat who settled in Tyre
This is the final proof needed from Sumerian mythology to show that Tiamat was a woman and not a planet:
(Then Marduk addressed him, saying)

‘Father, don’t stay so silent, open you lips,
Let me go, and let me fulfill your heart’s desire.
Anshar, don’t stay so silent, open your lips,
Let me go, and let me fulfill your heart’s desire.’

(Anshar replied)

‘What kind of man has ordered you out (to) his war?
My son, (don’t you realize that) it is Tiamat, of womankind,
who will advance against you with arms?’

The Sumerian Gods are the Same as the Greek Gods and are the same as the Cronides

I am writing quite a bit about the Sumerian Gods/Goddesses on my mythology blog.  Here is a quick summary of how the Mythological Unification Theory applies to the Sumerian Gods/Goddesses.

Odin Wasn’t Even Nordic, He was from Asia

The Nordic God Odin is the equivalent of the Greek Zeus.  This is further corroborated by the Nordic writings in the Heimskringla (written by Snorri Sturluson) in which Odin is noted as being from Asia and part of the Aesir as compared to the Vanir which was Nordic.
The war between the two groups, Aesir and Vanir, is described in the Heimskringla ending with a truce and exchange of people.  Let’s look at the passages that prove this from the Heimskringla:

Zeus and the Tetragrammaton

The Tetragrammaton is a Jewish combination of letters used to represent their God (Jupiter Sabazios as I’ve already proved).  It consists of four Hebrew letters.  Per Wikipedia:

Kabbalah Symbolism at St. John’s Cathedral

I went to New York and did a lot of research.  It will take me some time to put all of the videos together and discuss what I found.  For now, I’m going to post some pictures of what I found carved into the pillars below the saints at St. John’s Cathedral.  One of the pillars includes the Kabbalah and another a scene of the apocalypse.  Next door was a children’s garden that included a head of Satan in the design.  Let’s get the analysis started with some introductory pictures:

The Falling Star of Astarte and the Black Stone of Islam

From Sanchoniathon’s writings, a half-sister of Cronus was given a Queendom.  She consecrated a meteor to her city.  Here is what was written:
(Then our historian, after some other things, goes on thus:)  But Astarte called the greatest, and Demaroon entitled Zeus, and Adodus named the king of gods, reigned over the country by the consent of Cronus: and Astarte put upon her head, as the mark of her sovereignty, a bull’s head:  and travelling about the habitable world, she found a star falling through the air, which she took up, and consecrated in the holy island Tyre: and the Phoneicians say that Astarte is Aphrodite.

Cannibals, Cannibals, Cannibals

400px-Zombies_in_MoscowParticipants of a 2009 zombie walk in Moscow
Cannibal eating zombies are every where it seems.  Not only on the Hollywood screen but in real life.  The horrific attack of a Florida homeless man was one story that just stands out in my mind.  The black man who tried to literally “eat his face off” had to be shot dead to stop him and to this day, no one can really explain what happened.

The Origins of Circumcism

283px-Rubens_saturnPer the writings of ancient Phoenician scholar, Sanchoniathon in his History of the Ancient World, the story of the beginning of the practice of circumcision is told.  After Cronus killed his father, he circumcised himself and killed his first born son to make atonement for this murder of his abusive and violent father.

Will We Repeat the Fate of Atlantis?

600px-Aztlan_codex_boturiniAre we bound to repeat the past of Atlantis? It is said that by experimenting with weather modification, the Atlantians caused major Earth catastrophes that cracked their island, sunk other lands, and caused a subsequent ice age. Right now the corporations and military are experimenting with chemtrails, low frequency signals through the earth that hurt sea life and destroys their internal navigation systems, atomic weaponry and various other Earth destroyers. If we don’t remember the past and stop it as it is being repeated, we too shall be remembered as divided between wicked sorcerers and those against them who destroyed the Earth 50,000 years ago (approximately) and caused the death of millions (this time it will be billions) while returning humanity to a state of utter savagery. Whether you like it or not, history is repeating itself and it is up to us to stop things before they are played out in the wrong way:

The Real Hercules

Once again, Hollywood is telling their version of the story of Hercules. But with a little bit of research one can quickly determine that the real Hercules would be considered a Pederast and Murderer by today’s standards.
After Heracles killed Theiodamas in battle, he took on Hylas as arms bearer and taught him to be a warrior. The poet Theocritus (about 300 BC) wrote about the love between Heracles and Hylas: “We are not the first mortals to see beauty in what is beautiful. No, even Amphitryon‘s bronze-hearted son, who defeated the savage Nemean lion, loved a boy—charming Hylas, whose hair hung down in curls. And like a father with a dear son he taught him all the things which had made him a mighty man, and famous.”[1]

The Reptoid Psy-ops, David Icke, Tiamat, and the Matriarchy

The internet and underbelly of the alternative media has been filled with the “Reptoid Lizard People” psy-ops.  A man by the name of David Icke has many people believing that there are actually green shape-shifter reptoid people running around as the elites.  After years of research and proving through the writings of Valerius Maxiums, and the other ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Phoenician writers that the Abrahamic God is Zeus and that the Cronide family is encoded in all religions including Christianity, Islam, Judeoism, paganism, witchcraft, Satanism and so on, I can now understand that the Reptoid psy-ops is programming against an old Matriarchy ruled by Tiamat who was savagely murdered by Anu and dismembered after her elderly husband was murdered in the same way.

The Sigil of Lucifer

This is the Sigil of Lucifer:
For those of you following my work, you know I have identified and proven that Lucifer is Set, Loki, Prometheus, Tezcatlipoca, Trickster, Therion, Satan, The Devil, and so on.  He is the murderer of Osiris-Dionysus.
Set was associated with bisexuality, burnt offerings, Moloch, human sacrifice, black soot covering his priests, mirrors, eating hearts to mock the death of Zagreus, lies, trickery, and the black sun.  His family tree is illustrated by the Jewish Qlippoth.  Members of his family are considered demons and some of them were part of the Goetic Demons that Solomon commanded.
The sigil of Lucifer is a broken Star of David to show it’s opposition to the Cronide bloodline:
The Freemasonic symbol is part of the Sigil of Lucifer and this proves that they are Satanists.  It is also probable that many Satanists are generational Satanists because their family tree goes back to this ancient red-haired man that lived over 15,000 years ago.

St. James Sag Church and the Eye of Providence

I took a visit to my old neighborhood area and visited the Catholic church, St. James Sag.  What I remembered from childhood was still there..the All-Seeing Eye of God (eye of Zeus the father god or Eye of Providence as opposed to the all-seeing eye of Satan).  Take a look:
Look closely for the eye above and look closely at Christ pointing to the sacred heart (sacred heart of Zagreus who was reincarnated as Osiris-Dionysus).  When I was a kid, I would question the priests about things and they would tell me it was part of the “mysteries” and that I just had to have faith.

Mason and Shriner Symbolism

Freemasonic symbolism and terminology is Judaic.  Shriner symbolism and terminology is Muslim.  Almost every town in America has a Masonic or Shriner Lodge or is close to one.  While much of their symbolism is Pharaonic, I believe their god Lucifer refers to Set- Prometheus.  I have yet to see a Shriner or Masonic hall or item that displays anything Christian or anything about Jesus Christ who is of the bloodline of Osiris in my opinion.  Here is some of their symbolism.

An Alternative View on the Greys

There is much talk about the little grey aliens since popular movies such as Communion, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Fire in the Sky came out.  The story of Betty and Barney Hill was really the first abduction story that began to mold the alien agenda meme in the American mindset.  But really how much of this so called extra-terrestrial life form is really from outer space?
After I did a study on crop circles, I found that the few crop circles mentioned in the past were simple round shaped crop circles known as Devil’s Circles.  Any of the more complex crop circles came after the invention of microwave generating equipment and high-energy weaponry.  I believe almost all sophisticated crop circles of today are man-made through high energy devices and computer technology.

The Occultists

Occultism is the study of things that are hidden.  Esoteric studies include the study of those things that are not well known by the public.  I’ve compiled a list of some of the more well known occultists who searched for knowledge which often times involved channeling of disincarnate beings.

Intelligence Agencies

There are sixteen intelligence agencies listed for America. They include the following:

The Nag Hammadi Library

The Nag Hammadi Library

The Nag Hammadi Library was a series of scrolls found in Egypt in 1945.  It contains many writings that give an insight into the Gnostic mindset of the time.  The Gnostics were against the Abrahamic religions and the God of Jews who in my opinion is the same as Zeus and his bloodline.

Helen Blavatsky

Helen Blavatsky was a Russian occultist who helped create the Theosophical Society with the help of  Henry Steel Olcott, and William Quan Judge.  She lived from July 1831 – 8 May 1891 and she wrote several books.  The Secret Doctrine is one of the most interesting.  I would say that she combined Gnosticism, Eastern Mysticism, and Christianity in her belief system.

Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey and the Lucifer Trail
“In the meantime, as the first group struggles with the immediate problem in the outer world, and the second group-still within the confines of the Hierarchy Itself-makes due interior preparation and applies to its chosen membership the needed training and the desired reorientation, the Christ and the Masters are occupied with the task of preparing for the restoration of the Mysteries. This restoration will fall into three phases and will cover and include in its symbolism all phases of human unfoldment. The story of mankind will be pictorialized. These three phases correspond broadly and in general sense to the three degrees of the Blue Lodge of Masonry. The analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of  Masonry, but with the restoration of the Mysteries, Masonry also will come into its own.” Alice Bailey from The Externalization of the Hierarchy.

Albert Pike

Albert Pike

Albert Pike lived from December 29, 1809–April 2, 1891.  He served in the Calvary during the Mexican-American war and the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but he is more known for his background as a Freemason.

Lady Queesnborough


Lady Queenborough was a researcher who exposed the occultists of her time and their plans for the world.  Lady Queenborough was the name that Edith Starr Miller took as her author name.  She lived from July 16, 1887 to January 16, 1933 and died under suspicious circumstances in Paris.

Hidden Human History

History is the recorded version of past events by an author.  Pre-history includes the story of the planet before it was written about.
There is certainly plenty of writing about Earth some 15,000 to 35,000 years ago.  Before that, exists artifacts and oral traditions that hint at the past.  Per my research, a patriarchy ruled from at least 15,000 years ago.  This patriarchy included the Cronide bloodline and some of the people before that (including Thoth and Uranus and other mythological gods and goddesses).
Before this patriarchy, a matriarchy existed.  The Venus statues go back over 35,000 years ago.

The Chupacabra and the Set Animal

The Chupacabra is a legendary creature said to be sighted in parts of the Americas and first sighted in Puerto Rico.  It is said to be a “goat sucker” because its main victims were goats that it drained the blood out of.  Chickens are another victim of this mysterious creature.  Many sightings of the creature at night include stories of glowing red eyes.  Some descriptions include wings.  Many sightings in Mexico have been confirmed as dogs or coyotes with a bad case of Mange.
There are now several cases of these animals being captured.  Some have been studied, others have been preserved by a taxidermist.  According to Wikipedia:

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The Age of Aquarius

We are now in the age of Aquarius.  The Zodiac system that was set up thousands of years ago, has divided the Great Cycle of the Earth into 12 Zodiac signs.  The Earth wobbles on its axis and has a cyclical precession of the equinoxes approximately every 26,000 years.  The length of each zodiac is approximately 2150 years.  According to Wikipedia: